Christian Camps, Retreats, & Conferences




Build fellowship & grow in your faith.

Yes, a game can really do that!

• Legacy Bible Game is a fun game for all ages and levels to play at camps, retreats, and conferences.


• It's a fantastic way for couples to learn about each other on a deeper level at Pre-Cana Days and retreats.


• Offer the people a deck to play in between conference sessions as another way of meditating.


• This game is a terrific fundraiser: offer customized sets to your campers and attendees at the end of their session.  It's a great memory for the people and a nice reminder for them to come back again next year!


Discounted pricing starts at 10 decks. We can customize the cards with your organization's name, logo, website and information starting at just 25 games.  Free shipping anywhere in the United States!


10-25 games: $22.50 each      26 - 50 games: $20.00 each      51 - 100 games: $17.50 each

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