A Christian Bible game

for people who want to have fun...

and learn Christ's message!

We are all connected.

Legacy Bible Game is a Christian card game for anyone who wants to learn the Bible. Unlike most of the Bible games you may have played or study guides you've used, with Legacy, you learn while having A LOT of fun.  It's an addictive game that's great for all ages!



The game is simple. Each round, one player makes a connection between the cards in their hand and the one just played. The goal is to show how everything is related and to make the Bible's lessons relevant in your life.  Explain why you think the cards are connected and what they mean to you.  Have great discussions. You'll laugh and you'll learn, all while you're having fun.


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"Builds immediate fellowship!"

- Chrys Kozak, co-founder Legacy Bible Game

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Raise the awareness of your organization by customizing your games! Legacy Bible Game can be personalized with your organization's logo, website, and information on the front of the cards.  Order 25 or more games and the customization (including graphic design and proofs) is FREE.  Great for churches, nonprofits, camps, retreats, and schools.




We're always working on cool new stuff.

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We have new expansion packs and a Legacy Family Tree art print in the works!  We won't share your address with anyone else.

How to Play Read the basic rules & see some alternate ways to play...as a single player, bible study lessons, & competitive leagues!
How to Play
Camps Legacy builds confidence and friendships. It's a great bible study tool: learn the bible and realize who you are in Christ while playing a really fun game. Can be played in small groups or as a competitive league!
More Info
Fundraisers Legacy can be used as a fundraiser that raises money AND allows you to impact your community by empowering people with the word of Christ. • Raise $5-$15 per game!
• We customize the decks for free
• We donate 10% back to you
More Info
Shop Online Order your Legacy Bible Game or Jesus Family Tree and get them delivered to your door within a week. The game and posters ship free anywhere in the USA!
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Got questions?

  • Where can I buy Legacy Bible Game?

    You can buy Legacy Bible Game on our website using PayPal if you want to buy 1-9 games.  You can also find us on Amazon.  If you would like to purchase 10 or more games, please visit www.legacybiblegame.com/group-sales.html

  • How do I play?

    You can play with 2-10 players, as a single player, with children, using only specific categories, as a competitive game, and in leagues.  Click here to read our Basic Game Rules.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    At this time, Legacy Bible Game is only being distributed within the United States and Canada.  But please check back because we are adding Mexico and Europe to our shipping options soon!

  • Is there wholesale pricing for Legacy Bible Game?

    Yes!  If you're a church, school, or organization looking for a fundraiser, we offer wholesale pricing.  If you're a retail store, we also offer wholesale pricing.  Please email us and we'll be happy to call you back.  info@scratchoffworks.com

  • Can I customize this game with my logo?

    Absolutely! We can customize the cover of the cards with your logo, website, and information starting at a minimum quantity of 25 games.  Legacy Bible Games make a phenomenal Christian fundraiser when they're customized!

  • Is Legacy Bible Game available in any other languages?

    We are currently developing a Spanish translation of Legacy.  LEGADO will be available in 2015.  Please send us an email and we'll be sure to let you know as soon as it's released!

  • Are there expansion packs?

    Send us an email and  you'll also be the first to hear about our new releases.  Expansion packs coming soon: HEROINES (this set focuses on strong women in the Bible, providing inspiration and empowerment for women) and YOUTHS OF THE BIBLE (showing positive role models for our children).


  • Why was this game created?


    Legacy Bible Game was designed and is manufactured in Cleveland, OH by a brother & sister, Jim and Chrys Kozak.  We created Legacy to help bring people back to God and help them learn the Bible. To understand God chose ordinary, real people (like you and me!) to do extraordinary things.  And when they trusted Him, they changed history.


    This Christian game is meant to empower you, so you realize your own strength and worth in God's eyes.  This is a Christian bible game that has the potential to change lives!  From our family to yours, we hope you love Legacy as much as we do.  If you have any questions about ordering or feedback after playing the game, we would love to hear from you!  Please email us at: info@scratchoffworks.com


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Are you tired of the Christian games that are on the market today? Legacy Bible Game is a new kind of Christian game that brings families, friends, and groups together. It's a Christian bible game that's not only exciting and fun, but it's a bible game that makes learning the bible and Christ's message accessible to everyone. As a bible study game and bible study tool, it's exceptional.


God chose ordinary people (like you and me!) to do some extraordinary things in the bible. Start seeing yourself the way God sees you - you are strong, capable, and loved.  No other Christian game can do this.  Legacy Bible Game is really one of a kind.  When you start with an amazing game, amazing things happen! Legacy Bible Game will change how you look at and live in this world.


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