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Today's society suffers from families that are growing apart.  Youth who don't feel understood.  Parents who wonder what more they can do, but feel overwhelmed.  Grandparents who want to pass on their knowledge. This bible game stimulates interaction.  It asks tough questions and provides guidance and inspiration.  You learn from the people and stories in the bible, and also the people in your group.






Discrimination, intolerance, and violence are daily topics on the news around the world, but playing Legacy shows how we're all more similar than we think.  This game lets us see how we are all connected and everything we do affects someone else.

With this mindset, knowing we matter and our actions matter, and that we are all children of God, we can start taking steps toward making this world a better  place for everyone.













God chose ordinary, real people (like you and me!) to do extraordinary things.  And when they trusted Him, they changed history.  Your life and your calling are the same as the heroes and heroines of the Bible!





This Christian game was created in Cleveland, OH by a brother & sister, Jim and Chrys Kozak who  know from experience how actions influence people and communities...and how much strength can be gained from knowing Christ’s word. That’s why Legacy was created: to help bring people back to God, to the church, and to help them learn the Bible.


Legacy is an exciting and fun Christian game.  It makes you think, you'll laugh, you'll have great conversations, and you'll get to know yourself and the people in the group on a deeper level. Playing this bible game will empower you to realize your own strength and worth in God's eyes.  Click here to watch how to play Legacy Bible Game!


"An extraordinary game that has the potential to really change lives!" How did Legacy start?

Legacy Bible Game is the #1 Christian family game!

Looking to build fellowship? Play using only Call to Action cards to stimulate conversation, tackle important subjects, and build immediate fellowship within the group. Legacy is more than just a Christian bible game, it can change lives.  The conversations you have playing Call to Action cards will have you thinking about them days later.

Community Plate
(Call to Action game)
Alone in the Wilderness
(single player bible card game) Little Lambs
(children's bible study game)

This is a great Bible study game! Play like Solitaire, build your Legacy connections linking the cards according to the Accepted Connections in the rules. Use Jesus, Moses, Jerusalem, and Egypt as the Aces.

Legacy can be adjusted to fit any age and knowledge level.  Select the categories you want to play with.  All cards are placed face up on the table so the group can pick the best card from each hand and provide help when needed. The group determines if connections are valid, so judging can also be made easier.

Variations of Legacy Bible Game
Kingdoms: Judah vs. Israel (competitive leagues)

With at least 9 people, you can have a league! A team consists of as few as 3 or 4 people. You need at least 3 teams.  The first person on each team to win 3 rounds, moves on to compete against the other team finalists for a final game.  Great as a Bible study game, for youth ministry, retreats and camps.

Test of Faith (play by category)
Camps, Retreats, Pre-Cana
(Bible games in your curriculum)

We're all at different places in our lives, facing different challenges and achieving different victories.  Each category in this Bible game offers something special.  For a real challenge, mix things up and play with 2 or 3 categories.  This will really test your Bible knowledge when there are only a few categories to make connections between.

This Christian game is a fun game to play at camps and retreats. It's a fantastic way for couples to learn about each other on a deeper level at Pre-Cana Days and retreats.  Or offer the people a deck to play casual games in between sessions as another way of meditating on Christ's message.

Youth Empowerment
(youth bible card game)
Women's Ministry
(women's bible card game)
Christian Fundraisers
(resell Legacy Bible Game)

COMING SOON: We are developing a Youths of the Bible expansion pack!  Add this pack of 50 inspiring cards to your deck and use our Christian card game as a way to provide positive role models and build character in our youth.  Legacy Bible Game is a great Christian family game!

COMING SOON: We are developing a Heroines of the Bible expansion pack!  Relationship questions, trying to have children, dealing with death...the women in the Bible faced the same situations you! Add these 50 cards to your Christian game and they will provide strong, inspiring role models to the women in your family and community.  Legacy Bible Game will become your favorite Christian game!

If you're a church, mega church, school, or organization, this Bible game is an absolutely unbeatable Christian fundraiser! Instead of raffle tickets, a bake sale, or selling candy bars, resell Legacy to your congregation and community and have a powerful, lasting impact.  Everytime they play this game, they'll see your name printed on the cards and be reminded of your organization.  You'll raise money quickly AND you will empower  people with the word of Christ and stories of the Bible.


Click here for more information on how to use Legacy Bible Game as a Christian fundraiser.

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If you're tired of the Christian family games that are available today and you're looking for a new way to learn the bible and have quality fun with your family and friends, you'll love Legacy Bible Game!  This is a new kind of Christian game that brings families, friends, and groups together. It's a Christian bible game that's fun to play and makes bible study easy.


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